The Bouwman Group

The Bouwman Group is the specialist for demounting, installing and refurbishment of refrigeration and freezer cabinets, cold rooms and complete refrigeration and freezer installations in supermarkets and related retail stores.

Besides, the Bouwman Group handles the trade-in and reselling of used and/or refurbished cabinets.

Wholesale and rentals

We have an extensive portfolio combined with an excellent service!

An international leader in the rental of plug-in refrigeration cabinets, freezers and display furniture. Customization and excellent 24/7 service is our standard!

Energy Saving

We provides total solutions towards energy saving and are leading with innovative, customer friendly and energy efficient systems.

Modern and versatile truck fleet

We have a modern and versatile truck fleet and our drivers are trained to deliver the goods undamaged and in time at any location. Recently we also have an LHV vehicle.

Refurbishment and maintenance

Own workplace and a motivated team of technicians.


Own innovation department in the field of vertical plastic doors, door systems and LED lighting.


Spezialized in complete dismantling of all types of refrigeration and freezers. All parts will be recycled and gives us the power to offer a nearly cradle to cradle in our organisation.